Hello! Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Put the Tea Kettle On. We are the Elizabeths, aka Liz and Libby, a couple of friends that have known each other since high school and share a love of tea and good eats.  We are always in search of good tea, places to drink it, things to brew it in, and of course tea cozies to keep it warm with.  We decided to start this blog to share our adventures in tea and treats with you.

It can be safely said, we are not experts but rather enthusiastic pupils out to learn as much as we can about this ancient drink. You won’t find us (we hope!) to be tea snobs, bag or whole leaf, we drink it all and we each have very different palates; Libby loves dark traditional teas such as Lapsang Souchong, where as I (Liz) tend toward milder European style blends like Earl Grey. Part of the desire to start this blog is to work on extending our palates and experience of different teas.

We live, drink and blog in the SF Bay Area and hope you will join us as for a cuppa and a good laugh. Tea is as much about community and sharing as it is about water and leaves.



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4 responses to “Salutations

  1. countryheritage

    Hi, I like your site, you should try and source some Irish tea- Lyons, Barrys or Bewleys. Personally I love mugs of tea and any type does me. On a recent trip to France I was abit disappointed with the selection of tea they have as they are more into their coffee. Im afraid i live to far away to join you for tea but have one on me!!!

  2. I love a good cup of tea with good friends and a favorite knitting project!! Sweeeeeet!!!

    My oldest and dearest friend Carol and I try to get together at least once a month, go for a nice luncheon and share a pot of freshly brewed tea. The simple pleasures in life!!!

    I look forward to following your escapades…

  3. Elizabeth invites the Elizabeths, Liz and Libby to the Gathering of Elizabeths, where everybody knows your name, for tea. We invited Queen Elizabeth of England to attend but she has graciously declined.

    Two Elizabeths with common interest in tea at a Gathering of Elizabeths.

    Tea is a favorite drink and I especially enjoy Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea for 3 reasons: Taste, aroma and quotes printed on the tab attached to the string.

    Enjoying a cup while planning for the Gathering of Elizabeths.

  4. Thanks for the direct over from Ravelry. Love the brightly colored header picture! You’re bookmarked for sure!

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