Tea Towel Tuesdays

We love textiles, we love to make them, collect them, use them, you name it; and there is more to tea textiles then just cozies. The tea towel is the staple textile of any good kitchen, but they are not just functional oh no! Tea towels have been a way to add some style, convey a message and add some fun to chores and messy clean up jobs. So for your enjoyment (and ours of course!) we give you Tea Towel Tuesdays, where we will highlight fun designs old and new of this classic rectangle of cloth.


This wonderful design is from The Heated Cup, taken from the classic blue and white flower china design. They are printed by Cristina, a local gal here in San Fransisco  and her band The Heated. I (Liz) love this print because it reminds me of tea at my “Auntie” Susan’s , she has this exact set of dishes and teapot. Check out her several other great printed towels.


Since we are young 20 something (well 20 going on 40 as our mothers would say) we have a lot of Ikea furniture and have even been known to go just to see what there is on a slow Sunday afternoon. Heather Moore has come up with this fun design  because she doesn’t have an Ikea in Cape Town, South Africa and wishes she did. You can check out her other designs at her Etsy store.


This towel is a fun one, I love old print illustrations and this lime green print is just fun and actually comes from the UK. Tea Towels and More Mr.PS is the shop of Megan Price in Manchester, England.

Join us next Tuesday for more tea towel fun!



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5 responses to “Tea Towel Tuesdays

  1. Hey! Thank you for featuring The Heated’s tea towel. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

  2. Thanks for the feature, you two! I’m also a total tea nut, and am glad to find some kindrid spirits. Happy blogging.

  3. craftthefinalfrontier

    What a lovely eye candy! It was a very enjoyable way to have a break from writing school reports.

  4. Ooh, I love the “Fancy a Brew?” towel! What a wonderful, springy green.

  5. Hi there,
    Thanks so much for including me in your blog roll. The URL for my blog, bon teavant, has changed and is now http://bonteavant.com.

    thanks again and for the update.

    Jennifer Sauer
    bon teavant author

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