Tea Towel Tuesday- May 9th

It is Tuesday again already?! Wow, it has be a wild week here, we have been hatching plans and Libby is off having a tea adventure this week, sadly without me, that she will be sharing soon. In the mean time go brew up your favorite Tuesday afternoon cuppa and enjoy some towely goodness!

I love Alice in Wonderland and Libby is a big croquet fan. This wonderful towel by Ritapizza is just one of her many fun and fresh designs.

I think this towel pretty  much speaks for itself. This is from the folks at The Manicule, who also are behind the prints for the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters.

Fun and whimsical, who doesn’t love a stack of cute tea cups? Amelia Blakeman at Hopeful Monsters it the designer behind this cute pile of cups and she has a collection of clothing items as well.

Well, my tea is getting cold so that is all for now!


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