Tea Bags Tuesday

I know I know, it is supposed to be tea towels not tea bags but these where just too fun not to share.We are both big bag ladies, even though we already have more then we need we can’t really help looking at least. So, for your inner bag lady we offer you the fallowing:


You have seen those diagrams of cuts of meat, well this is cuts of tea. This fun recycled cotton tote is from Meatbagz, the brain child of Mackenzie and Kate, a couple of friends that not only like tea but wanted to save a few plastic bags from landfills. These are our kinda gals!


This is a cute and discreet little clutch for your feminine products from BitsOHoneyDesigns. I personally hate having things float around in my purse and it is nice not to have to take my whole purse with me to the WC at work, something like this would be just perfect.


This fabric is so fun! A cute little bag great for odds and ends or even bags of your favorite tea to take on the go. This is from Cheyne of Cut Out and Collect, there are more great bags in fun prints at her etsy store.

Time to go put the tea kettle on, have a happy Tuesday.


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