growing peppermint

Since you all read the last post and found out how great peppermint can be for you, I bet you are wondering where you can turn to satisfy your voracious habit.  I am here to tell you that the solution is nigh because, in my experience, peppermint is an extremely easy plant to grow.  It’s basically a weed so anyone with space could easily end up with more than they could ever use.  If you ask around you could probably even find someone willing to pull some up out of their garden for you because it is taking over!

Peppermint should probably be planted in a container so that it doesn’t spread like crazy.  I also recommend putting it up off the ground so that lovely things like snails (ick!) don’t help themselves.  Mint should be grown in a place that is sunny and moist, but can be fine with only a few hours of sun a day.  If your mint is in a small container, you will probably need to take more care that the soil does not dry out than you will if it is in the ground.

I have peppermint plants myself (I got them by uprooting someone else’s nuisance) and find them perfect for tisane, garnish, a tasty snack… or the occasional mojito!

Here’s to your first cuppa of home-grown mint.

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