Tea Towel Tuesday- We’re Back!

Wow, it has been a crazy couple weeks. My mom came to visit, I got my wisdom teeth out and someone decided to help themselves to the headlight of my car. Now finally my wounds are healing so I can chew again, the car is in the shop and I am very greatful for car insurance, all I need now is a big cup of tea (make that ANOTHER) and some awesome tea towel, so here they are.


I have major want for this towel at the moment, it would go perfectly with my new canning set (more on that soon).  It would be perfect for drying off jars! This towel is from Girls Can Tell and she has a number of other fun applinace based prints.


Keeping with the kitchen utensil theme I seem to have started today is this cute print from T Lane. She has lots of fun block cut type prints of all kinds of dishware, teapots and untensils, definilty worth a look.


This is the perfect ice tea/juice serving towel, it makes me want a big fresh glass of OJ. The work of Scott and Jacqui from Slide Sideways, a pair of printers with some really fun ideas.

Wow, I needed that, it is hard being away from the blogs for so long, I miss you guys when I am away.  Hope you have a happy Tuesday!


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One response to “Tea Towel Tuesday- We’re Back!

  1. Al


    nice tea towel designs. My fav is the bottom one.

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