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The Crazyness Ramps Up…Again

It is was official last Wednesday, my BF and I are moving to our very first (rented) house! Needless to say all the running around with deposits and leases and moving boxes had made things a bit crazy. My tea drinking has mostly involved a quick Tazo Awake from 4buckscoffe across the street from my work and all the time I normally spend browsing tea things has been spent browsing Craigslist for cheap furniture that we can’t really afford because all our $ went to the deposit.  But none the less I do have this to share!

While I was in Wisconsin visiting family I came upon this beauty while picking up things from my Grandmother’s house (she has moved in recently with family to have someone around 24/7). This is a cobalt blue hookcover Hall teapot. Sadly no one in the family even remembers it being used and my Grandmother is not even sure where she got it or if it was a gift, however since I knew what it was she said it was mine if I wanted it. She didn’t have to say it twice! While its history is not a full one it seems it will always remind me of my grandmother, it has something of her simple grace about it, never fussy but with nice lines. I plan to make our first pot of tea in our new place in it and start working on that history.



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Some Extra Tea Towels


Here are some extra tea towels for your Friday over at Apartment Therapy!

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Have you heard about Steepster? It is a new social networking site that allows you to share the teas you are drinking and enjoy, kind of like a Tea Twitter. You can actually set it up to update your Twitter feed with your entries.

The site is currently in Beta with more people joining everyday. There are currently 306 pages of listed teas and you can easily add your favorites if they are not yet listed in the database. Just like on Twitter you can follow peoples tealogs and they can follow yours.

You can follow my Steepster Tealog here. If Libby starts a log we will let you know.

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Tea Towel Tuesday

Hope your last weekend of summer was amazing, I am back from Wisconsin with lots of things to share later this week, in the mean time I felt the need for some new tea towels!


I love these rock fish on their bright yellow background, they remind me of past visits to the aquarium.  These swimmers are printed by Endevour Design, semi local in near by Santa Cruz.


It’s the Teddy Bear’s Tea Time! This towel is just too cute, it reminds me of playing tea with my teddy bears and dolls when I was a kid. For more cute woodland creatures check out Miss Ellie May’s Etsy shop.


When it is time to wash up this towel will have you covered, not sure what I like more, the road signs or the potential for lots of bad puns (I love me a really bad pun). This is another great one from MrPS.

Have a Happy Tuesday!

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