Tea Trinkets and Bobbles

I have always loved jewelry. When I was a kid I used to raid my mother’s bedside table drawer where she used to keep her jewelry box and put on every necklace and ring at once. Since then I have learned that less is more but I still love to dress up, of course I had to see what kind of tea themed trinkets I could find on Etsy and I was not disappointed.


This elegant little tea cup necklace is from Charlies’s, who specialize in whimsical miniature food rings and necklaces made from miniature dollhouse items.


These are some of the daintiest tea cup earrings I have seen on Etsy, blue and white patterns are one of my favorites for teaware. This cute pair comes from A Box For My Treasure, they have a lot of very cute whimsical accessories.


I have found a lot of chunky, plastic tea necklaces that while fun seem very juvenile next to something like this simple elegant little teapot pendant. This piece is from A.N. Original Jewelry; they also have matching earrings and a ring.

It is Friday, time to get dolled up and hit the town, after a cup of tea of course!


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