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Happy Thanksgiving!


We are so very thankful to you for letting us share our obsessions. I can’t wait to have a cuppa and a piece of pumpkin pie!


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Fall Back & Tea Towel Tuesday

Did you remember to changed your clocks this weekend? Whenever the time changes and we fall back an hour my sleep gets all messed up for a week and I turn into a bit of a zombie, about the only thing that helps while I adjust is lots of tea to keep me going till I get used to the sun being up before me. Even though the first day of fall was a while ago the time change is what always makes it feel official to me. Enough rambling, on to the tea towels!


The proof is in the tea towel, Math and tea geeks unite! The folks at Hopeful Monsters have some great tea themed items including some great tops and dresses, be sure to check them out.


When I was a kid my paper air planes never really flew; mostly they just crashed directly after launch but they were always fun. Tea Towels may not be very aerodynamic but the planes on this set of towels  from Bespoke Uprising look like they want to take off.

Have a happy Tuesday, Cheers.


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