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Happy New Year!


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Wring Out the Old Year

Well, 2009 is almost over and it will be time to change out those calendars so it is time of course for those wonderful things, Tea Towel Calendars! The thing I love about tea towel calendars is you can keep enjoying them as functional items when it is time to take them off the wall.

Letterpress stationary and other paper goods seem to be everywhere lately, this is a great version of One Canoe Two’s poster calendar.

Don’t rest on your laurel in the new year, there is much more to accomplish, but do enjoy these laurels from Hello Handmade. I like that the format of this calendar is not the traditional rectangular layout.

I must admit I am a sucker for anything with a cute bird on it, Libby says it is because my Grandmother was an avid bird watcher and is somehow genetic, all I know is this calendar is darn cute.  A great print from Tokyo Manhattan.

Time to start napping so I can stay up past my bedtime on Thursday.

May you have a very Happy New Year!

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A Bit More Cheer

Well it is almost here, just two more days and I am not even done making things! I have excepted that these last minute projects will just have to be Valentines day gifts (don’t worry my family is used to this). Mean while here are a few holiday goodies.

Nothing says Christmas like a drunken cake! Another fun set of designs from MrPS.

I love this towel because it is not especially Christmasy and could be out year round to remind you to take joy in the everyday tasks of life, even doing the dishes. This joyful (yes I know) design is from Cram.

And lastly some fun felt ornaments from Tobyboo,  tree or no tree these are just cute.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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And the Winners Are…….

For the Towel and treats: Sprite!!!

and the runner up treats go to: Karen M!!!!

Thanks all for playing! It sounds like everyone is going to have a great December!

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Hanukkah Tea Towels

This post goes out to all our Jewish friends, we hope you have a great Hanukkah, plus we really like latkes.

This awesome towel from FREVD was found for us by a friend, this Hebrew alphabet was first printed in 1540s by Giovambattista Palatino and appeals to my inner font and linguist geek. Great for any day of the year really especially if someone in your house is brushing up their Hebrew.

I think the holiday theme of peace is one we can all get behind, especially with all of the military action going on overseas. Blue and white/off white designs are very attractive to me and I love the florishy details in this print. This print is from America Jane, she has drawstring ditty bags too that would be great for packaging up gifts instead of wrapping paper, with 8 days of gifts that will save a lot of paper!

A great gift needs a great card, these hand printed Menorah cards from Letterpress Light make me want to trade holidays, they are so cute. The dreidel ones are great too.

Happy Hanukkah and may your dreidel spin fast!

Off to get some Star of David cookies and some tea!

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Holiday Gift Giveaway!!!

We are very excited to announce out first giveaway here at Put the Tea Kettle On. The talented  Ms. Lane from Lovelane sent us one of her fantastic Buenos Dias towels a while back and we feel it is time to send it on to its rightful home. It is such an awesome towel we are a bit sad to see it go but it wouldn’t be fair not to share. Along with the towel we will also be sending some other surprise tea goodies.

To have a chance leave us a comment about what you are doing for the holidays this year.  There will also be a consolation prize of treats for a lucky runner up so that is two shots for some goodies. You have until Thursday the 10th to leave a comment and the winners will be posted on Friday.


Liz and Libby


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Deck the Halls with Tea Towels

It is officially December, which in my house it means it is time to decorate a bit for the holidays. Now, I don’t mean it is time to drag out the blow up Santa’s and cover everything in fake snow and tinsel, we just aren’t those kind of people, but a few festive items can make things festive without being obnoxious. (Not that blow Santa’s don’t have there place)

A few festive tea towels can help set the tone for a fun holiday season, this week we’ll start with Christmas because that is what we celebrate but look for other winter holidays this month.

We don’t get much snow in the Bay Area though it is only an few hours drive to the mountains, these fun snowflakes will bring the winter spirit in without the need for a snow jacket. Another great design from Artgoodies.

Of course it isn’t Christmas without St. Nick and the red fringe of bobbles on this towel are very festive. So far there is nothing from oola designs I don’t like, be sure to check out the Christmas Tree tea towel too.

A “Tea towel made specially for Christmas” is a sweet design of two Christmas love birds and I must admit to feeling rather sentimental about this holiday season since it’s the first in a real house for Will and I. This would be a great gift for newlywed teas lovers or for the ones that are just falling in love all over again. This sweet design is from Hand Made By Sima.

We hope your holiday season got of to a good start, happy Tuesday!

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