Deck the Halls with Tea Towels

It is officially December, which in my house it means it is time to decorate a bit for the holidays. Now, I don’t mean it is time to drag out the blow up Santa’s and cover everything in fake snow and tinsel, we just aren’t those kind of people, but a few festive items can make things festive without being obnoxious. (Not that blow Santa’s don’t have there place)

A few festive tea towels can help set the tone for a fun holiday season, this week we’ll start with Christmas because that is what we celebrate but look for other winter holidays this month.

We don’t get much snow in the Bay Area though it is only an few hours drive to the mountains, these fun snowflakes will bring the winter spirit in without the need for a snow jacket. Another great design from Artgoodies.

Of course it isn’t Christmas without St. Nick and the red fringe of bobbles on this towel are very festive. So far there is nothing from oola designs I don’t like, be sure to check out the Christmas Tree tea towel too.

A “Tea towel made specially for Christmas” is a sweet design of two Christmas love birds and I must admit to feeling rather sentimental about this holiday season since it’s the first in a real house for Will and I. This would be a great gift for newlywed teas lovers or for the ones that are just falling in love all over again. This sweet design is from Hand Made By Sima.

We hope your holiday season got of to a good start, happy Tuesday!

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