Hanukkah Tea Towels

This post goes out to all our Jewish friends, we hope you have a great Hanukkah, plus we really like latkes.

This awesome towel from FREVD was found for us by a friend, this Hebrew alphabet was first printed in 1540s by Giovambattista Palatino and appeals to my inner font and linguist geek. Great for any day of the year really especially if someone in your house is brushing up their Hebrew.

I think the holiday theme of peace is one we can all get behind, especially with all of the military action going on overseas. Blue and white/off white designs are very attractive to me and I love the florishy details in this print. This print is from America Jane, she has drawstring ditty bags too that would be great for packaging up gifts instead of wrapping paper, with 8 days of gifts that will save a lot of paper!

A great gift needs a great card, these hand printed Menorah cards from Letterpress Light make me want to trade holidays, they are so cute. The dreidel ones are great too.

Happy Hanukkah and may your dreidel spin fast!

Off to get some Star of David cookies and some tea!

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  1. I love the towels! We’re actually going to teach the kids in my class and the 2 classes next door about the different winter holidays 🙂

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