Spring Back Giveaway!!!

This week is my favorite week in the whole year, the return of Daylight Savings time on Sunday, no more darkness at 5:30 pm! Hurray! I don’t know why they make us change it in the first place. And then of course the 20th is the first day of spring. Kate of the Nutfield Weaver, the maker of wonderful handwoven towels and wedding accessories has agreed to give away one of her towels.Β  Very appropriately the towel is called “Herb Garden” and the colors where inspired by her love of garden.

I recently got another of Kate’s towels and I must say I am very pleased with it, it is well made, a nice size and looks great in my kitchen.

To win the towel leave us a comment about your favorite things about spring or what your favorite spring time tea is.

The winner will be picked and posted on the 19th, just in time for the first day of Spring and Kate will mail the towel directly to the winner.

Happy Spring!



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24 responses to “Spring Back Giveaway!!!

  1. knittersplayground

    oooooo….fun! I like spring because it’s so colorful – there are flowers and trees and grass all growing and thriving, and then the weather changes so often that sometimes it’s cloudy and gray and sometimes it’s clear and blue – it’s just lovely – makes everything feel alive. πŸ™‚

    And spring time tea huh? I’m a pretty boring tea drinker (i know, gasp, wrong blog to post that on! :P) – So i will nominate Spring Cherry Green tea and Rasberry quince as my two favorite spring teas, even if i drink them year round πŸ™‚

  2. Peterswife

    I love the warm breezes and how everything seems to be waking up. Spring is when I make my new year’s resolutions. And why not, everything is new in the Spring. πŸ™‚

  3. Patricia Huff

    I am a cancer survivor . Just this week I was given the news of rebirth. I have come from my deep place ,where nobody goes, to face the sunshine like a spring bulb reaches above the soil to blossom again. Earl Grey Lavender is my favorite Spring tea. Just opening the box and getting a whiff of that wonderful floral scent reminds me of a sunny meadow filled with purple blossoms.

  4. Spring is full of warmth, new growth, and hope πŸ™‚ Being a canadian… I look forward to the melting of snow, and the stabilization of road conditions… and when everything starts to become alive again with little green shoots coming up from the ground.

    All in all, Spring is good πŸ™‚ dontcha think?

  5. Lucy

    Black tea blond and strong enough to stand a spoon up in it. This time of year I really need the caffeine to counteract the antihistamines needed to calm the spring fling in my nose. Cheers!

  6. Gipsieee

    My favorite part of spring is seeing the first hopeful green shoots poking delicately up through the snow/dirt/mud/leaves.

    My favorite teatime for spring is mid-afternoon when I finally notice that my feet are cold because it’s not actually any warmer inside the house yet (despite it having warmed up significantly outside from below freezing to, oh, 50 or so)

  7. Meeshelle

    Lovely towel, love the colours!

    I love spring, opening up all the windows in the house to get some fresh air in. Did that today and it was wonderful. I just bought some blueberry green tea, haven’t tried it yet because I was waiting for a nice fresh day. I think I will make a pot now πŸ˜€

  8. My all-time favorite memory is laying in my mom’s empty clothes basket in our backyard as she finished hanging our wet clothes on the clothesline to dry. My favorite part?? Hearing my mom’s dress flap in the breeze and the birds singing their “love” songs!!!! Ahhhhh. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, birds singing and mom’s dress gently blowing in the wind!

  9. orrmk

    Like you stated above…I love the longer hours of daylight….the sun shining well into the evening πŸ™‚

  10. bewts

    Spring is the best-smelling season! I feel like my bones are thawing our from the dry, harsh winds, and then the smell of dirt wafts by and I smile in spite of myself. Crocuses break free of the frozen tundra, defiantly showing their vivid colors. Thoughts of morel hunting begin to stir…. That’s why I like Spring!

  11. Ellysa

    Those towels are absolutely gorgeous! Miss Kate’s shop will be added to my Etsy favorites list.

    My favorite thing about spring, is being able to leave my window open at night, so that I can wake up to the song sparrows first thing in the morning! And when it comes to tea, I like to sit outside in the morning, when it’s still a little chilly, with a biiiig mug of milky/creamy earl grey, with a hint of honey. Though, I drink that all year round, anyway! πŸ™‚

  12. I love almost everything about Spring! I love waking up to hearing the birds singing outside my bedroom window. I love seeing the new green on the plants. I love the smell of hyacinths, lilacs and things growing. I love the days getting longer. I love being able to walk around outside without a winter coat. I love the spring breeze. I love the spring showers. I love the feeling of newness all around me.

    There isn’t a thing about spring that I don’t like! It’s my favourite of all the seasons!

  13. Pretty! I, too, love the later light (not being a morning person, the delayed dawn doesn’t matter so much), but the thing I really love about spring are the warmer days. I get to spend more time outside and just generally feel more alive at this time of year.

  14. bea

    I love Spring because all my iceplant is in full bloom. The birds are chirping and everything seems so alive. The first day of Spring is also the time when you can smell the change of the seasons, the freshly mowed lawn, and the musty smell of the soil as the winter moisture evaporates. Spring is the awaking season.

  15. AknittingPanda

    I LOVE spring! Living in Michigan the winters can be long, cold and dark. Spring is the time that brings hope snow will melt and flowers will bloom!

    This towel is incredible and brings out that ‘spring’ feeling – the lush variety of greens, the delicate pinks, all set next to that vibrant hue of yellow which just feels like sunshine and daffodils! Fantastic!

    Spring is wonderful as the colors all come out and remind me that winter truly is over and I can look forward to garden season again!

  16. My favourite thing about spring is that fresh fruits and vegetables are on the way! The colours and changes are lovely too, but mmm. I like food!

  17. Sara

    I’m in New York and the great thing about Spring here is that everyone starts going outside again and coming to life…running in the park, eating at the sidewalk cafes, sitting on the stoops…

    My favorite springtime tea would have to be mint!

  18. Like you, I love the fact that daylight savings as begun. More daylight to do more things outside, and here I am working on the computer inside. I like spring because it is time to grow a garden. Saw an article recently about a garden loom: made with lumber and garden twine. Once up, you weave in anything you want, preferably from the garden. It’s my new project this year. Also, I’ve recently discovered Chamomile tea with Mango. I special treat.

  19. Holly

    My raspberry brushes are getting lots a little green shoots on them — a sign that berries are only 3-4 months away, so I will be enjoying raspberry tea until then (and maybe raspberry scones).

  20. Amy V

    I love when the pink azalea bushes in front of my house bloom in the spring.

  21. Laceyspinner

    Primroses. Primroses are one of my favorite things about spring. I love their cheerful colors, the sunshine yellows, intense reds, and cool purples. The centers of the flowers contrast with the outside for a lovely little surprise. They remind me of gypsy skirts fluttering in the spring breezes.

    Primroses are a very early Spring flower. Mine are already coming up and a few have flowers on them.
    What a welcome relief after the dreary days at the end of winter.

    My favorite one is the pink one with the yellow center… it brightens my day!

  22. gerry

    love the towel!

    i think my favorite tea for spring (at least this year, as i get ready for spring, anyway) is organic mango-mango. i buy it from Batian Peak, which happens to be in my town, but they do mail order as well.

    my favorite thing about spring? everyone’s mood just seems to undergo a transformation in spring- don’t you think? and living in an area with four seasons, it’s always so great after the ice and snow, etc. to see the crocuses and daffodils come into bloom πŸ™‚

  23. Love the towel!

    Fave thing about spring: winter is ending. Hate being cold.

  24. One of the reasons I love spring is because that’s when our native plant frontyard really shines (or, more accurately, glows, from the vibrant oranges and yellows of our poppies). Most of our plants are in bloom (sages, ceanothus, etc.) and all are lush & green from the winter rains.

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