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Costers, Clocks, and more!

I have been finding more fun tea things that are not your grandma’s tea accessories.

Hall Teapost Coasters from PhotoAccents by SL– I have a bit of a Hall obsession that has been developing lately.

Mini Wall Clock from DecoyLab– So cute, I think this would be perfect in my kitchen.

Carry Along Tea Tins from TinyTins– How do you pick just one?

Happy Monday!


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Spring Back Giveaway!!!

This week is my favorite week in the whole year, the return of Daylight Savings time on Sunday, no more darkness at 5:30 pm! Hurray! I don’t know why they make us change it in the first place. And then of course the 20th is the first day of spring. Kate of the Nutfield Weaver, the maker of wonderful handwoven towels and wedding accessories has agreed to give away one of her towels.  Very appropriately the towel is called “Herb Garden” and the colors where inspired by her love of garden.

I recently got another of Kate’s towels and I must say I am very pleased with it, it is well made, a nice size and looks great in my kitchen.

To win the towel leave us a comment about your favorite things about spring or what your favorite spring time tea is.

The winner will be picked and posted on the 19th, just in time for the first day of Spring and Kate will mail the towel directly to the winner.

Happy Spring!


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Heavenly Handwoven Towels

Libby and I both enjoy weaving but until recently neither of us had our own looms set up and working. I thought it was time for something other then just screen printed towels so here is some handwoven goodness for you:

All My Creations

Linda High- Handweaver

Nutfield Weaver

KMR Handwoven

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A Bit More Cheer

Well it is almost here, just two more days and I am not even done making things! I have excepted that these last minute projects will just have to be Valentines day gifts (don’t worry my family is used to this). Mean while here are a few holiday goodies.

Nothing says Christmas like a drunken cake! Another fun set of designs from MrPS.

I love this towel because it is not especially Christmasy and could be out year round to remind you to take joy in the everyday tasks of life, even doing the dishes. This joyful (yes I know) design is from Cram.

And lastly some fun felt ornaments from Tobyboo,  tree or no tree these are just cute.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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A History of Tea and Knitting in the Shetlands


Go check out this  wonderful post from Kate over at needled about the history of knitting in the Shetlands, how for many years the women were paid in tea and the effect this had on their ability to provide extra income for their families.

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Tea Cozies this Tuesday

Yikes! Talk about life putting you through the ringer, but really I don’t want to so instead here are tea cozies. We are big fans of tea cozies around here, they look great, keep your tea warm and can be quite the conversation starters. Also, since I have over dossed on tea towels I thought it was time for something completely different.

The Tea Mitten from Elisabeth Kleven is cute and chic. We love how this cozy hugs the pot and still lets you add more water without having to take the cozy off. Libby even made an upsized version for her giant tea pot out of some yarn we dyed together in an experiment. You can download the PDF of Elisabeth’s pattern via her blog or Ravlery.

You may have seen this photo on our cozies page, it is my version of the fantastic Kureyon Cozy by Emma Crew from Knitty. The model is my trusty Brown Betty. Libby also did a version of this cozy in a fun yellow tweed for her smaller red tea pot. This cozy is quick and easy to make and also easily lets you get to the lid of the pot to add water. The pattern makes a cozy to fit either a 4 cup or  6 cup pot.

This cozy is a reverse engineered pattern by Keren Smith; she wanted to make a new cozy like the one her grandmother had made from a traditional pattern that has been around probably as long as people have been knitting tea cozies. This cozy really is a champ, the thickness created by the puckering results in some major insulation. You do have to take the cozy off to refresh the pot but I think such a cute cozy would be worth it.

Well, there you have them, check in next week for more; I think Tea Cozy Tuesday will be here for a while.

Happy Tuesday!


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