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China Mist Leaves Pure Teas Earl Grey


Wow, our first review! I know it has been a while coming but there is still a lot of construction dust around this place so bare with us. This first tea is one I have been drinking at work almost everyday for about a month. It seemed appropriate to start with something that has become a daily cuppa.

This Earl Grey from China Mist’s Leaves Pure Tea line is a blend of Ceylon tea with oil of bergamot. I love Earl Grey blends and have tried quite a few bagged varieties, this has become one of my favorite bagged Earl Grey’s. The flavor is very floral compared to many others that I have tried and the bergamot is actually more a complement to the flavor of the tea rather then an over powering flavor that masks the teas own flavor.

To me it is important that a bagged tea puts up well with abuse. By abuse I mean far less then idea brewing with so so tap water, microwaveing (aka stewing) and being left to get tepped as I get busy with work. If I was at home I could take my time heating up the water to just the right temperture on the stove, brew it for just the right amount of time and then enjoy it right when I know it has cooled to the temperature I like. But that is not going to happen at work and I know I am not the only one. This tea has put up well with all my abuse and the flavor it still good when cold.

If you are an Earl Grey fan that like me often tortures your bagged tea in the breakroom microwave early morning this is a good one to try.


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