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Tea ‘n Muffin Morning

TeanMuffinWeb, originally uploaded by LizzyAnnH.

Today was one of those gray days that call for a hot cuppa and a good muffin before doing the grocery shopping. Hope you are having a good Memorial Day weekend.


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SweeTea’s Tea House

This is a re-post from Liz’s Blog about a visit we made in March to SweeTea’s Tea House in San Mateo. Enjoy!

I must admit, as much as I love tea I had never gone to an English style tea shop, until last weekend. My friend Libby also shares my love of tea and last weekend she took me out for brunch at a tea shop in San Mateo called SweeTea’s. Libby had been given a gift certificate so we got to make a morning of it.

The shop is small with about 4-5 tables so it feels very cozy and intimate. Each table had different sets of plates and cups, ours where a reproduction of a Royal Albert pattern of red and yellow roses. I ordered the Afternoon tea that came with two sandwiches, three petite desserts, seasonal fruit and a scone. Which sounds like a lot but the when they say petite they mean it and the scones was half as large as you normally find at a coffee shop, it ended up being just about right. Of course the food is the one thing I forgot to take a picture of.

We got to try two different types of tea from their list and we opted for the house breakfast blend and a Darjeeling. The house blend was a really nice smooth tea, not too acidic and nice amber color (see photo above). The Darjeeling was nice but it did not have a very strong flavor and we tend to like our tea on the stronger side, Libby is a big Pu Er fan just to give you an idea. We had a good time being silly and girly and next we want to try an Asian Tea house. Look for more tea adventures over the spring and summer.

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