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Tea Trinkets and Bobbles

I have always loved jewelry. When I was a kid I used to raid my mother’s bedside table drawer where she used to keep her jewelry box and put on every necklace and ring at once. Since then I have learned that less is more but I still love to dress up, of course I had to see what kind of tea themed trinkets I could find on Etsy and I was not disappointed.


This elegant little tea cup necklace is from Charlies’s, who specialize in whimsical miniature food rings and necklaces made from miniature dollhouse items.


These are some of the daintiest tea cup earrings I have seen on Etsy, blue and white patterns are one of my favorites for teaware. This cute pair comes from A Box For My Treasure, they have a lot of very cute whimsical accessories.


I have found a lot of chunky, plastic tea necklaces that while fun seem very juvenile next to something like this simple elegant little teapot pendant. This piece is from A.N. Original Jewelry; they also have matching earrings and a ring.

It is Friday, time to get dolled up and hit the town, after a cup of tea of course!


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Have you heard about Steepster? It is a new social networking site that allows you to share the teas you are drinking and enjoy, kind of like a Tea Twitter. You can actually set it up to update your Twitter feed with your entries.

The site is currently in Beta with more people joining everyday. There are currently 306 pages of listed teas and you can easily add your favorites if they are not yet listed in the database. Just like on Twitter you can follow peoples tealogs and they can follow yours.

You can follow my Steepster Tealog here. If Libby starts a log we will let you know.

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Hard Candy Giveaway Contest!!

A few months ago as I was at the market getting a deli sandwich when a display caught my eye, it was a stack of tea flavored hard candy. My first thought was “Does it REALLY taste like tea?”  my second was “how many anti-oxidants can hard candy really have left in it?” Of course I had to get a bag just to find out. The bag does say after all that it is made with real tea extract.

Bali’s makes several different flavors like Green Tea Latte and coffee flavors as well. The candies are all individually wrapped so you can toss a few in your purse; which I appreciate because then I can enjoy some “Iced tea” when stuck in the middle of traffic on my way home from work.

Now, I figured that they would just be kind of sweet with a little tea flavor, but WOW, they really are like a cup of sweet ice tea!  Just to make sure I wasn’t imagining this I have since forced pretty much everyone that comes to visit me to try one and everyone has had the same surprised reaction. Libby liked them so much she recently asked me to get her a bag since her local market doesn’t carry them.

Since I was already getting some I thought I would get a bag for some lucky reader, now you too can force feed these yummy treats to your tea drinking friends and family. All you have to do is leave us a comment about your favorite way to drink tea and on the 8th we will pick a random winner.

Good Luck!


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Tea Bags Tuesday

I know I know, it is supposed to be tea towels not tea bags but these where just too fun not to share.We are both big bag ladies, even though we already have more then we need we can’t really help looking at least. So, for your inner bag lady we offer you the fallowing:


You have seen those diagrams of cuts of meat, well this is cuts of tea. This fun recycled cotton tote is from Meatbagz, the brain child of Mackenzie and Kate, a couple of friends that not only like tea but wanted to save a few plastic bags from landfills. These are our kinda gals!


This is a cute and discreet little clutch for your feminine products from BitsOHoneyDesigns. I personally hate having things float around in my purse and it is nice not to have to take my whole purse with me to the WC at work, something like this would be just perfect.


This fabric is so fun! A cute little bag great for odds and ends or even bags of your favorite tea to take on the go. This is from Cheyne of Cut Out and Collect, there are more great bags in fun prints at her etsy store.

Time to go put the tea kettle on, have a happy Tuesday.

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