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Handmade Teapot Round Up

Teapots, is there a need to say much more?

Annie Singletary Ceramics

Skybird Arts

Jenny Blasen Pottery

Clam Lab


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Friday Foliage

Friday is here at last. One of the great things about the new place my boyfriend and I moved to is the big yard with room for a veggie garden and a wide front stoop that will hold a lot of potted plants. I have started looking for free and cheap planter ideas that also look great when I came up with the idea of using a teapot that had lost its lid or a thrifted pot that maybe I wouldn’t want on my table but would still be fun and whimsical as a planter. Of course I had to go on-line and see what other folks had done with this idea as it is nothing really new.


This pretty planting is from Verde Garden, she also has some fun succulents in tea cups.


Another great option for a low maintenance spot of green is a terrarium. This super cute teapot terrarium is from Wee Green Spot. Since being featured on the Etsy home page her shop has sold out and she is catching up on her back orders but keep an eye on the shop for fresh listings.

If you already have a chipped, slightly cracked or thrifted pot here is a fun post on how to make your own teapot planter from Susan Flemming of Super Mom-No Cape!.

Have a great weekend, cheers!

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The Crazyness Ramps Up…Again

It is was official last Wednesday, my BF and I are moving to our very first (rented) house! Needless to say all the running around with deposits and leases and moving boxes had made things a bit crazy. My tea drinking has mostly involved a quick Tazo Awake from 4buckscoffe across the street from my work and all the time I normally spend browsing tea things has been spent browsing Craigslist for cheap furniture that we can’t really afford because all our $ went to the deposit.  But none the less I do have this to share!

While I was in Wisconsin visiting family I came upon this beauty while picking up things from my Grandmother’s house (she has moved in recently with family to have someone around 24/7). This is a cobalt blue hookcover Hall teapot. Sadly no one in the family even remembers it being used and my Grandmother is not even sure where she got it or if it was a gift, however since I knew what it was she said it was mine if I wanted it. She didn’t have to say it twice! While its history is not a full one it seems it will always remind me of my grandmother, it has something of her simple grace about it, never fussy but with nice lines. I plan to make our first pot of tea in our new place in it and start working on that history.


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Tea Towel Tuesday- We’re Back!

Wow, it has been a crazy couple weeks. My mom came to visit, I got my wisdom teeth out and someone decided to help themselves to the headlight of my car. Now finally my wounds are healing so I can chew again, the car is in the shop and I am very greatful for car insurance, all I need now is a big cup of tea (make that ANOTHER) and some awesome tea towel, so here they are.


I have major want for this towel at the moment, it would go perfectly with my new canning set (more on that soon).  It would be perfect for drying off jars! This towel is from Girls Can Tell and she has a number of other fun applinace based prints.


Keeping with the kitchen utensil theme I seem to have started today is this cute print from T Lane. She has lots of fun block cut type prints of all kinds of dishware, teapots and untensils, definilty worth a look.


This is the perfect ice tea/juice serving towel, it makes me want a big fresh glass of OJ. The work of Scott and Jacqui from Slide Sideways, a pair of printers with some really fun ideas.

Wow, I needed that, it is hard being away from the blogs for so long, I miss you guys when I am away.  Hope you have a happy Tuesday!

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Cuppa with Mum and Dad

Sorry for skipping the Tisane Thursday this week, but I am out of town and couldn’t find a chance to post yesterday.  Today, however, my brother vacated and his computer was up for grabs!

I decided to share with you all the teapot gadget that my parents use for their cuppa since I have searched in vain for a tea room or tea house in the area and have come up short.  (The one I had discovered via the internet before leaving is apparently only alive in memory).

But on to the tea!

My brother, knowing my parents love of the stuff, found a neat little tea infuser to give to them a couple of years ago. 

He picked one up from Think Geek, but I have heard tell that you could procure one from, or directly from adagio teas.  Replacement filters are also available.  As for the device itself, my parents love it and I think it would be perfect for anyone who likes loose tea, but doesn’t want to fiddle with any extra implements.

After the tea has finished steeping, just place the device over the top of your favorite cup (pick a big one or be sure to watch how full it’s getting) and soon you’ll be enjoying some great tea!

One of the neatest things about this gadget is that the feet on the bottom keep the tea from gushing out before it is placed on top of your favorite cup.  Another great feature is that since it is all plastic, you can place it in the microwave and the dishwasher.  So, if you aren’t adverse to plastic, this thing could be just the ticket!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Be sure to enjoy some tea.


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Tea Themed..Bathroom?!

What do you do when your collection of tea ware is to much for just the kitchen?

Lisa from St. Paul was redecorating a small half bath and saw a solution to her desire for a fun bathroom theme and wanting to display more of her large collection of tea cups. It is also a little ironic since a lot of tea can send you running to the bathroom.  Do you have a fun and unique way/place that you display your tea paraphernalia?  If so we would like to hear about, leave us a comment below.

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