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Spring is Here!

There are so many little green things sprouting up in my yard (only to be eaten by the chickens) and when it is not raining the sun is out and the weather is lovely, Spring is definitely here. The birds that live in the lemon tree outside my kitchen window never seem to stop making a rukus this time of year. Here are a few towels to help with the spring cleaning.

Add a bit of retro spring fun with this pretty blue flower towel from Sweet Harvey.

This little guy is probably not likely to show up in your tea cup but he is very cute. From Design Kitty.

These two are as twitterpated as the birds in my tree! Not sure which I like more the towel of that cup. Design by New Leaves Studio.

Now, what I want to know is what is your favorite spring time tea? Leaves us a comment and let us know!


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Deck the Halls with Tea Towels

It is officially December, which in my house it means it is time to decorate a bit for the holidays. Now, I don’t mean it is time to drag out the blow up Santa’s and cover everything in fake snow and tinsel, we just aren’t those kind of people, but a few festive items can make things festive without being obnoxious. (Not that blow Santa’s don’t have there place)

A few festive tea towels can help set the tone for a fun holiday season, this week we’ll start with Christmas because that is what we celebrate but look for other winter holidays this month.

We don’t get much snow in the Bay Area though it is only an few hours drive to the mountains, these fun snowflakes will bring the winter spirit in without the need for a snow jacket. Another great design from Artgoodies.

Of course it isn’t Christmas without St. Nick and the red fringe of bobbles on this towel are very festive. So far there is nothing from oola designs I don’t like, be sure to check out the Christmas Tree tea towel too.

A “Tea towel made specially for Christmas” is a sweet design of two Christmas love birds and I must admit to feeling rather sentimental about this holiday season since it’s the first in a real house for Will and I. This would be a great gift for newlywed teas lovers or for the ones that are just falling in love all over again. This sweet design is from Hand Made By Sima.

We hope your holiday season got of to a good start, happy Tuesday!

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Tea Towel Tuesday- June 30th

Did you have a good weekend? Libby and I had a fun weekend adventure that we will post as soon as my home computer internet bugs are worked out, mean while it’s that time again, time for tea towely goodness.


This one is for the birds (sorry, I had to say it). This towel is from Ferm Living, a Danish print design company with fabulous stuff.  Plus Libby can attest to my love of just about anything with a bird on it.


Who needs hair when you can use yarn? This funky punky print is from Cabin Fever, a fun Etsy shop of prints by Karen Klassen.  She has aprons, trivets and pillow cases as well, you could get a whole matching set! This print appeals to my inner knitter and my wish that I had hair that really would make awesome crazy buns.


I think my high school Spanish teacher would approve of this towel, plus it has a rooster and cups of tea! This fun bright tea towel is from Lovelane and is one of several bright culturaly influenced designs. It was very hard to choose between this towel and the cupcake loving dragon!

Well, thats all for this week, as always have a lovely Tuesday!

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