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Spring is Here!

There are so many little green things sprouting up in my yard (only to be eaten by the chickens) and when it is not raining the sun is out and the weather is lovely, Spring is definitely here. The birds that live in the lemon tree outside my kitchen window never seem to stop making a rukus this time of year. Here are a few towels to help with the spring cleaning.

Add a bit of retro spring fun with this pretty blue flower towel from Sweet Harvey.

This little guy is probably not likely to show up in your tea cup but he is very cute. From Design Kitty.

These two are as twitterpated as the birds in my tree! Not sure which I like more the towel of that cup. Design by New Leaves Studio.

Now, what I want to know is what is your favorite spring time tea? Leaves us a comment and let us know!


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Happy Halloween!

The Great Pumpkin is stirring, preparing for his rounds on Sunday. So in the spirit of ghouls, witches, vampires and pumpkins of course here are some fun towels to help celebrate.

The Pumpkin Harvest- From Sara Parker Prints– I would like to go pick out a pumpkin here.

Cameo Skull – From Brilliant Trees Collective– I love cameos, what better for Halloween then a creepy skull cameo!

May you have a wonderfully spooky holiday!



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Puttering Around the Kitchen

Well, we survived the wedding and the crazy week of family. It was great but we are very glad to have come out the other end and have a bit of calm. We have been puttering around the house and kitchen eating lots of leftover potato salad. So here are some great towels for when you are just puttering around the kitchen.

This handy towel is great for those days when you can’t even remember how to boil an egg- From You Say That You Love Me.

I love my mixer, maybe it deserves a tribute towel. – The House of Bouton

An eggsalent (hehe) tea towel from Little Clouds

For pictures of the wedding and cake you can check out the flickr collection here.

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A bit of Green

Some green for your St. Patrick’s day that doesn’t include Shamrocks.

Green Balloons from Oh Little Rabbit

Green Roosters from mengsel

Sunny Lime Slices from Wonder Thunder

I am off to enjoy some Irish Breakfast!

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A Favorite Featured Seller on Etsy- MrPS

One of our favorite tea towel artists, Megan Price of MrPS has been interviewed by Etsy as a featured seller, check it out here.

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A Bit More Cheer

Well it is almost here, just two more days and I am not even done making things! I have excepted that these last minute projects will just have to be Valentines day gifts (don’t worry my family is used to this). Mean while here are a few holiday goodies.

Nothing says Christmas like a drunken cake! Another fun set of designs from MrPS.

I love this towel because it is not especially Christmasy and could be out year round to remind you to take joy in the everyday tasks of life, even doing the dishes. This joyful (yes I know) design is from Cram.

And lastly some fun felt ornaments from Tobyboo,  tree or no tree these are just cute.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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Tea Towels for Tuesday

Well the BF and I survived the move, now we just have to unpack everything. But of course the tea pots, cups and tea have already been unpacked and when Libby came over we used my Grandmothers Hall pot to brew a few pots on Sunday. As you might know it is very wet here in California today and I have been drinking cup after cup of tea to keep out the chill as well looking for great tea towel so share with you all.


As poor Will can tell you, I love Pride and Prejudice and just about anything Jane Austen; when I saw this I almost squealed like a teenager at her first boy band concert. This Austen inspired towel comes from Brookish, she even has a matching mug, a great gift for the Janeites you know.


I grew up in the Long Beach and LA area with the big cranes towering over the ports, it was always exciting to watch them hoist the big containers off of the container ships. This wonderfully architectural image from Arctic Circles makes for a great towel that appeals to your inner crane operator.


This last towel is a hoot, sorry I had to. Libby and I are both big fans of all the things with owls that have popped up lately and this fun original towel from Cupcakes and Cards is just plain fun. I really want to get one and color it in with fabric markers.

Now it’s time for another cup of tea while we unpack another box and watch the rain, happy Tuesday!

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