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Will and Kate Forever

Ok, I will admit to not following all the knitty gritty details of the upcoming nuptials of the Royal Couple but how often do you really get to have a royal wedding?  If I had the day off I would totally be glued to my tv to watch the whole procession and revel in my inner 7 year old’s wish to be a princess (yeah I was that girl.) Here are a few towels for all of us “grown up” princesses.

I think this towel says it all- From Taylors Type

If you go for something more subtle and reserved this crown print is jolly good- from enormouschampion

Strap on your gloves and make sure you have your mouth guard ready for the throw down!- From the Screen Prince- Luke James

Just in case it wasn’t clear why she is marrying him- From Who Did This

Time to break out the celebratory packet of Digestives and toast the happy couple with a Cuppa!

Will and Kate, truly, all the best.


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Spring is Here!

There are so many little green things sprouting up in my yard (only to be eaten by the chickens) and when it is not raining the sun is out and the weather is lovely, Spring is definitely here. The birds that live in the lemon tree outside my kitchen window never seem to stop making a rukus this time of year. Here are a few towels to help with the spring cleaning.

Add a bit of retro spring fun with this pretty blue flower towel from Sweet Harvey.

This little guy is probably not likely to show up in your tea cup but he is very cute. From Design Kitty.

These two are as twitterpated as the birds in my tree! Not sure which I like more the towel of that cup. Design by New Leaves Studio.

Now, what I want to know is what is your favorite spring time tea? Leaves us a comment and let us know!

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Happy Halloween!

The Great Pumpkin is stirring, preparing for his rounds on Sunday. So in the spirit of ghouls, witches, vampires and pumpkins of course here are some fun towels to help celebrate.

The Pumpkin Harvest- From Sara Parker Prints– I would like to go pick out a pumpkin here.

Cameo Skull – From Brilliant Trees Collective– I love cameos, what better for Halloween then a creepy skull cameo!

May you have a wonderfully spooky holiday!



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Flowers and Fowl

Things have been rather fowl at our place lately, a couple weeks ago we got our chicks and we (the fiance and I) have been rather absorbed in taking care of them on top of the normal animals (2 cats and 1 energetic border collie). Mean while with the combo of rain and then sunshine off an on all month (we really wish the weather would make up its mind) all the flowers in the neighborhood are blooming like crazy. So here is a bit of flora and fauna for your kitchen:

Chrysanthemums from Flower Press– they have sets of two

Roast Chicken Recipe from DBurrows Productions

Hello Vase Tea Towel from Leah Duncan

Chicken Tea Towel from Barehanded Press

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Heavenly Handwoven Towels

Libby and I both enjoy weaving but until recently neither of us had our own looms set up and working. I thought it was time for something other then just screen printed towels so here is some handwoven goodness for you:

All My Creations

Linda High- Handweaver

Nutfield Weaver

KMR Handwoven

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Be My Tea Towel?

Nothing says I love you like a tea towel-

Loud Mouse

Girls Can Tell

Sara Smedly


May you share a cuppa with someone you love!

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The First Towels of 2010

Every January people ask “What is your New Years Resolution?” and I always answer “I don’t believe in them” but that is not totally true. I tend to have more general plans and it is generally the same one, take better care of myself (and now Will too) by eating better. By eating better I don’t mean “diet”; it is more like “Eat your fruits and vegetables and don’t eat out.” So I thought I would find some towels that would help remind and motivate me to stick to that plan.

Eat at home, it is good for your wallet, your waistline, and your family. In our fast passed society this can be an easy habit to get out of with drive-ins and restaurants that seems wonderfully easy at the end of a long work day but experts agree that eating at home is beneficial in a myriad of ways. From Blue Q.

This fun typographical kitchen montage from Taylor’s Type would be great in any kitchen, fun and playful it makes me want to get cooking!

Buy Local is another great tea towel calendar from Claudia Pearson that brings up an issue that is dear to my heart, buying local and generally organic produce as much as possible. I don’t want to start a debate about this, I know being in California we are rather spoiled when it comes to local produce pretty much year round,  all I can say is that fresh produce tastes better and when you get to meet the folks that grow your food it is just the coolest thing, this year I want to get back to the Farmer’s Market more and eat more in season.

What are your plans for 2010? Try more types of tea? Eat more spinach? Get out and play more? Let us know in the comment section!

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