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Friday Foliage

Friday is here at last. One of the great things about the new place my boyfriend and I moved to is the big yard with room for a veggie garden and a wide front stoop that will hold a lot of potted plants. I have started looking for free and cheap planter ideas that also look great when I came up with the idea of using a teapot that had lost its lid or a thrifted pot that maybe I wouldn’t want on my table but would still be fun and whimsical as a planter. Of course I had to go on-line and see what other folks had done with this idea as it is nothing really new.


This pretty planting is from Verde Garden, she also has some fun succulents in tea cups.


Another great option for a low maintenance spot of green is a terrarium. This super cute teapot terrarium is from Wee Green Spot. Since being featured on the Etsy home page her shop has sold out and she is catching up on her back orders but keep an eye on the shop for fresh listings.

If you already have a chipped, slightly cracked or thrifted pot here is a fun post on how to make your own teapot planter from Susan Flemming of Super Mom-No Cape!.

Have a great weekend, cheers!


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Tea Making Tips from 1941

This is a fun informational clip from the BFI National Archive on the proper way to brew tea, mainly in mass for relief groups that prepared tea for British Troops during WWII. There is map in the back ground of the tea expert that has a large slogan “Tea Revives the World”, I want that map!

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Tea Trinkets and Bobbles

I have always loved jewelry. When I was a kid I used to raid my mother’s bedside table drawer where she used to keep her jewelry box and put on every necklace and ring at once. Since then I have learned that less is more but I still love to dress up, of course I had to see what kind of tea themed trinkets I could find on Etsy and I was not disappointed.


This elegant little tea cup necklace is from Charlies’s, who specialize in whimsical miniature food rings and necklaces made from miniature dollhouse items.


These are some of the daintiest tea cup earrings I have seen on Etsy, blue and white patterns are one of my favorites for teaware. This cute pair comes from A Box For My Treasure, they have a lot of very cute whimsical accessories.


I have found a lot of chunky, plastic tea necklaces that while fun seem very juvenile next to something like this simple elegant little teapot pendant. This piece is from A.N. Original Jewelry; they also have matching earrings and a ring.

It is Friday, time to get dolled up and hit the town, after a cup of tea of course!

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Tea Towels for Tuesday

Well the BF and I survived the move, now we just have to unpack everything. But of course the tea pots, cups and tea have already been unpacked and when Libby came over we used my Grandmothers Hall pot to brew a few pots on Sunday. As you might know it is very wet here in California today and I have been drinking cup after cup of tea to keep out the chill as well looking for great tea towel so share with you all.


As poor Will can tell you, I love Pride and Prejudice and just about anything Jane Austen; when I saw this I almost squealed like a teenager at her first boy band concert. This Austen inspired towel comes from Brookish, she even has a matching mug, a great gift for the Janeites you know.


I grew up in the Long Beach and LA area with the big cranes towering over the ports, it was always exciting to watch them hoist the big containers off of the container ships. This wonderfully architectural image from Arctic Circles makes for a great towel that appeals to your inner crane operator.


This last towel is a hoot, sorry I had to. Libby and I are both big fans of all the things with owls that have popped up lately and this fun original towel from Cupcakes and Cards is just plain fun. I really want to get one and color it in with fabric markers.

Now it’s time for another cup of tea while we unpack another box and watch the rain, happy Tuesday!

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Happy Friday

Royal Albert Tea and Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Candylei.

The moving begins in earnest tomorrow, I am going to need a strong cuppa to keep me going. Luckily Libby will be there to help.

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